These include, but are not limited to Low Oil. .

I took it to my mechanic who is really experienced with the Cat engines and he did a bunch of diagnostics before finally suggesting that it may need a new oil pump.

It idles about 25 psi hot and 50 running but when pulling a Hill it will drop to 40 and alarms will sound but once you ease off the pressure comes back up, mechanical gauge matches ecm on cat et.

It has supposed to have been recently rebuilt and had a new oil cooler put on it. Maybe you've noticed lower power or boost in your CAT C15. .

If you&39;re experiencing any of these.

Aug 14, 2015 Discussion Starter Aug 14, 2015. Cat C15 ACERT engines are the ideal solution for your demanding operations in the oilfield. Not Enough Oil.

. Contaminated Oil.

Other Causes.

What Symptoms Indicate a Failing C15 ACERT Oil Pump So just what are the symptoms that you should watch out for If you have a bad oil pump on your C15 ACERT, you might notice Low Oil Pressure; Higher.

Second is the pressure relief valve in the oil filter base is open. That is a guess though.

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I have 3126 cat engine with low oil pressure in normal.
Troubleshoot low oil pressure on C15A Cat truck engine using a manual gauge and laptop.

Foamy oil on the dipstick is a good indication of aeration.

. Remove the fuel pressure sensor. This is an ideal engine for applications that.

Must Watch Cat c15 Atmospheric pressure sensor Cat 3126 heui junk C 7. . Many Miles of Operation Leading to Excessive Clearance. oil type are not Caterpillar factory defects and therefore are not covered by Caterpillar's warranty. The code is logged.

First is a weak engine oil pump.

The ECM checks the temperature of the coolant. .


Aug 5, 2014 Its possible there could have been a faulty sensor.


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Symptoms of Failure and Causes.