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The name Esmeralda has been a favorite. Romanoff) all variations.


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. Spanish emerald. The name Clementine is girl's name of French, Latin origin meaning "mild, merciful".

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. The name Esmeralda is girl&39;s name of Spanish, Portuguese origin meaning "emerald". .

Clementine is a Nameberry favorite that has finally broken back into the US Top 1000 after more than half a century off the list. 8.


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While it is the preference of the Postal Service that all words in a mailing address appear fully spelled out, this section is intended to provide a set of standard abbreviations to be used when mailers encounter the following Spanish prefixes in the delivery address line and there is a need to compress the output to the mailpiece. Mariolita - is a Spanish nickname for the name Marlette.

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Esmeralda - Name Meaning, Origin & Popularity.

. The name Esmeralda got increased visibility via the Disney. .

. The expression number, also known as the destiny number of the name Esmeralda is 6. Esmeralda came into use as an applied use of the Spanish word for emerald, esmeralda. . The name Esmeralda is girl&39;s name of Spanish, Portuguese origin meaning "emerald".

Mar 29, 2023 Following are some of the popular adorable lists of nicknames for Esmeralda in that wise 7.

. Jul 24, 2022 Alternative Spellings & Variations Esmeralda, Emeraude; Famous Namesakes Actress Esmeralda Pimentel, model Emerald Ignacio, actress Emerald Fennell; Peak Popularity Emerald was a top 1,000 girl name from 1991 through 2002.